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apr 6, 2007
Current version
2.0 Build 10

Contact info

Bug report

If you suspect you have found a bug (program error), please send a mail to explaining the error as best as you can.


For problems related to installing or using My MP3 Organizer, please email to


If you would like to see a particular feature added or you have any suggestions on how we can improve My MP3 Organizer please send an email to


For non-technical questions please email to:

Tips and tricks

Burning cd's.

You can easily drag files from My MP3 Organizer to your favourite cd-burning program. An even better way is to use "collections". A collection shows total amount of time and size, which is very useful in this process. From the "collection manager" you can drag individual collections to the cd-burning program. Of course, you can also select and drag specific files within a collection.


Known issues
  • Search for Duplicates function sometimes gives an error:

    "Error: 3106: unsupported operator found in a record filter expression"

    This happens when a "title" (in the actually field used in the search) contains the at least two of the following four characters: ' [ ] "

    This is a bug in the database engine. Hopefully it will be fixed soon (by the company developing it).

  • During startup, sometimes the "initialization" window doesn't close. Because we have not been able to systematic reproduce this on a development computer it has been difficult to trap (so far).
  • In greek language certain characters do not convert correctly between "upper" and "lower" case. This is a problem in the "browse" window and items with such characters in the "tree view" may not expand as a result.



FAQ (frequently asked questions)
This faq is updated frequently. It is based on questions we receive, and on issues we excpect people have questions about.

Q: Some files shows very little information. E.g. how can I fill in the title and artist fields?

A: MP3 files stores this kind of data on a "tag" attached to the MP3 file. This tag can be edited by right-clicking a title on either the "browse" or the "search" screen, selecting "properties".

Q: Some files shows up with a green background, even if these files are deleted from the harddisk. The green color is to indicate that the file is accessible, right?

A: Checking the accessibility for each file every time the use makes a request for data, would be very time-consuming, and slow down My MP3 Organizer considerably. Instead of checking each individual file, My MP3 Organizer looks for the the media hosting the file. If the media is accessible, then the file is considered available. As a solution to this, run Maintenance | validate archive from the menu. This will clean up the archive by checking individual files.

Q: When I choose the "enque" command, nothing happens...

A: The "enque" function will add files to your mp3 player's current playlist. However, not all mp3 players (e.g Media player) support this function. So, if you want the "enque" function to work, you need to install a player which supports this feature (e.g. WinAmp).

Q: When adding files to the archive I receive an error: "Error 7022: Maximum index levels exceeded".

A: This problem was fixed in version Download latest version and you should be fine. Alternatively you can download this utility and increase the "Index Page Size".

Q: After I changed the language in Windows My MP3 Organizer won't work. I receive an error 5159 or 5092. Whats wrong?

A: My MP3 Organizer uses by default the language currently active in Windows. Changing the language will cause the index files to be invalid. There are two possible solutions.

  1. Delete the current index files (that is the files ending with .ai and .adi). These files will be automatically recreated using the currently active language in Windows, the next time you start My MP3 Organizer.

  2. Force My MP3 Organizer to use a specific (that is, the old language) language. Open the file adslocal.cfg in Notepad and enter a value for ANSI_CHAR_SET (e.g. ANSI_CHAR_SET=Norwegian) which corresponds with the previous language settings in Windows.

Q: I installed My MP3 Organizer to a computer and then copied the datafiles from a different computer, but now I get an error. The computers have identical language settings in Windows. What's causing this?

A: In addition to language conflicts, there may also be conflicts if the computers have different versions of Windows. Microsoft made some changes after Windows 95/ NT 4 which will lead to incompatibility. Basicly select one of the solutions stated in the previous question, to take care of the problem.

Q: Winamp 3.0 refuses to play my Ogg Vorbis files. What's wrong?

A: It may be that your Ogg files contains id3 tags. While Winamp 2.8 worked fine with id3 tags, 3.0 doesn't. Under Preferences| Ogg Vorbis - you can set whether My MP3 Organizer should store tags as id3 or true Ogg tags. If you want to remove id3 tags from your files, check the download page for a conversion tool.

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