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apr 6, 2007
Current version
2.0 Build 10

Product info

My MP3 Organizer is a MP3 archive software, focusing on user-friendliness and with the ability to handle a huge collection of files.

While many similar programs tries to incorporate a lot of functions (more or less relevant) such as internal players, cd-burning etc., My MP3 Organizer focuses on its primary task, keeping track of MP3 files, leaving other business to other programs.


Some of the features in My MP3 Organizer:

  • Supported formats:
    • MP3
    • OGG (Ogg Vorbis)
    • MAC/ APE (Monkey Audio)
    • WAV

  • Scans harddisks/ cd's for audio files and adds them to the archive. Files are archived together with the media serialnumber. Therefore, changing logical drive letters are not a problem. E.g. switching the cd from the cd player to the CD-Recorder, or installing new hard disks (leading to new drive letters for existing drives) is not a problem, My MP3 Organizer will still reqognize the files.
  • Shows which files are accessible by using color codes.
  • Player independent. Use your favourite MP3 player (for instance Winamp or Media Player)
  • A double click, plays a file in the default MP3 player. A right-click brings up the popup menu with several options.

  • Tree style browsing
  • Search the collection using the "quick search" or the "advanced search" - capable of multiple arguments.
  • An optional "Preview" player is now available. When turned on, it plays the currently selected file.
  • Flexible Drag and drop
    • Drag and drop files FROM Windows Explorer TO My MP3 Organizer
    • Drag and drop files TO Media Player/ Winamp (or wherever you want) from My MP3 Organizer.

  • Tag editing.
  • "Modify tags" lets you easily modify tags on several files in one operation.
  • The File Organizer lets you move files to more "logical folders". Folder names may consist of Artist, Album, title, Year or Comment.
  • "Rename files" lets you rename files by taking information from the mp3 tag and/ or using custom text.
  • The "Find duplicates" function looks for duplicate audio files by using tag data or by binary compare.
  • Deleting files is now possible. Very useful when you want to get rid of duplicate files on your system.
  • Virtual "Collections" lets you define groups of files. A "collection" is very nice when preparing files for cd-burning. It also works great as a playlist.
  • Detailed file info also showing which encoder was used.
  • Create and edit playlists (m3u format).
  • Export to many different formats such as
  • HTML, XML, PDF, XLS, DOC, CSV. A total of 19 different formats including popular database formats such as MDB (Access) and DBF (DBase).
  • A Summary screen shows statistics about your audio files.


My MP3 Organizer comes in three versions

Free Edition

The free edition is a single user version, fully functional except for a limit of 500 files that can be organized.

Standard Edition

This is the full version edition with a single user license.

Office Edition

As the Standard edition but includes a network license. Can be installed on a LAN (local area network) to be run on any number of computers. People on the network can share MP3 files in an easy way using My MP3 Organizer.

General view Tree style browsing. Selecting which fields to show.
Advanced search with multiple arguments My MP3 Organizer also includes a playlist editor..
Some files added to the database The tag editor
The "modify tags" screen, where tag data can be modified on many files in one operation. Files can be renamed using info from the tag and using custom text.
A "Collection" lets you define a group of songs. Here is a collection with Electric Light Orchestra songs. The summary screen shows statistcs about your MP3 files.

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