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apr 6, 2007
Current version
2.0 Build 10

My MP3 Organizer - Change log
Copy of the changes log file

Version 2.0 Build 10 mai 9, 2005

- Added "Explore" function. Starts Windows Explorer at the selected Item's catalog.
- Now possible to change field size (File | Preferences | Adjust field size)
- Fixed various bugs and did some minor improvements.

Version 2.0 Build 9

Internal test version.

Version 2.0 Build 8 - september 23, 2004

- Fixed a bug introduced in build 6 regarding difficulties to bring up the popup menu on Win 95/98 computers. This should now work on all systems.

Version 2.0 Build 7 - september 12, 2004

Another bug fix release:

- Files with a "network path" sometimes where incorrectly shown in color red, as if the files where inaccessible.

- fixed.

- Find duplicates error (Error: 3106: unsupported operator found in a record filter expression")

Occurred When a file (in the field used in the search) contained a combination of the characters "'" and "[" or "]".

This was actually a bug in the database-engine, so we had to do a work-around.

- fixed.

- Setting properties of a collection results in an error

- fixed

Version 2.0 Build 6 - august 11, 2004

This version fixes to annoying bugs:

- Now capable of drag'n drop to Nero

- Clicking with the mouse in a browse/ search/ collection window (e.g to bring up popup menu or selecting titles) would sometimes not work (escpesially on fast computers). This should now be fixed.

Version 2.0 Build 5

This version fixes a critical bug. The bug sometimes caused My MP3 Organizer to crash when run from fast computers such as Pentium 3GHZ.

Version 2.0 Beta 1 - januar 29, 2004

Version 2 of My MP3 Organizer is mainly a continuation of the work from version 1. The most important change is the "Find duplicates" feature which is a simple approach to help you find duplicate audio files.

New features

Find duplicates function looks for duplicate audio files by using tag data or binary compare. Duplicate files found can optionally be marked and deleted.
Added field "File Date". This is a good supplement to the already implemented "Date added" field.
Several internal components upgraded, including export capabilities, database engine.

Several minor fixes

Known issues (still unresolved)
During startup, sometimes the "initialization" window doesn't close. Because we have not been able to systematic reproduce this on a development computer it has been difficult to trap (so far).
In greek language certain characters do not convert correctly between "upper" and "lower" case. This is a problem in the "browse" window and items with such characters in the "tree view" may not expand as a result.

Version 1.8 Build 2 - september 24, 2003

- Improved export capabilities
- When Renaming files, track number is now 2 decimals (01, 02 etc.) when part of a filename. This ensures correct sorting when using Windows Explorer or eq..
- remember search path (in add files window)

Version 1.8 - june 25, 2003

- Export functions implemented. Can export to a total of 19 different formats including HTML, XML, PDF, XLS, DOC, CSV.

- Fixed a bug introduced in v. 1.7 causing the toolbar to not work properly, and the playlist to give "access violation" errors. This bug only appeared on Windows XP.

Version 1.7 Build 3 - mai 7, 2003
Fixes/ changes
- Released version of was (accidentally) built in debug mode. Normally this shouldn't be noticeable, but if you receive error messages, try downloading this build instead.

Version 1.7 Build 2 - april 23, 2003
Fixes/ changes
- Added "Plain listing" in Browse window
- Improved speed in the user interface (listview).
- can now "add files to collection" from the popupmenu (Browse/ search view)
- opens automatically Browse/ search window on startup (can be turned off in "preferences")
- Sorting on "length" fixed
- Other minor fixes

Version 1.6 Build 5 and 6 - january 31, 2003
Fixes/ changes
- Second Try: Increased "Index Page Size" (a database setting). (Build 5)
- Increased max "file path length" from 150 to 230 characters. Also, files with a too long path will now be rejected and not cause an error message (error 5071).
- Some values did not get checked correctly for legal range when added to the database - resulting in an error. This is now fixed.

Version 1.6 Build 4 - january 23, 2003
- Increased "Index Page Size" (a database setting). This should fix the error 7022 that some people have experienced.

Version 1.6, january 13, 2003

Features added:

- New file formats supported:
- Monkey's Audio
- Wav

- Completely revised tag handling. Preferred tag type can be set individually for each audio format.

- The "file organizer" has been slightly improved
- Added a "preview", so that you can see the changes before they are actually made.
- Empty folders can optionally be removed
- Files can now be placed directly below parent folder

- Minor changes/ fixes

Version 1.5 - november 21, 2002

Features added:

- File Organizer added. You can easily move files to more "logical" folders. Folder names may consist of Artist, Album, title, Year or Comment.

- "Re-read tags", re-reads tags to update database. A nice feature if you are using an external program to edit the tags.
A better Ogg Vorbis handling. Now, true Ogg tags are used by default for Ogg Vorbis files. Id3v2 can be used optionally. See download page for a tool to convert between Ogg tag and id3v2.

Bug fixes:

- "preview song" error caused the window to loose screen update
- Added "computer online check" to avoid a very long timeout (20 secs or more) when trying to access files on a network and computer currently not online.
- Files added by drag and drop from network, where given status as local drive files
- Several minor fixes.

Version 1.4 - october 18, 2002

Fixed critical bug which could cause My MP3 Organizer to hang at startup, when the archive contained files from a network.
Added feature - "Delete file(s)". Allows deleting of MP3/ OGG files on hardisk/ media. Very useful when you want to get rid of duplicate files on your system.
Quite a few small improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 1.3 - october 4, 2002

Added Preview player to allow a "preview" of a song.
Removed support for Mapped network drives. Please use network path instead, when adding files on a network. Sorry about this, it should have been done along time ago.
A few minor bug fixes.

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