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apr 6, 2007
Current version
2.0 Build 10

My MP3 Organizer - Change log
Version 2.0 Build 10 - may 9, 2004
  • Added "Explore" function. Starts Windows Explorer at the selected Item's catalog.
  • Now possible to change field size (File | Preferences | Adjust field size).
  • Fixed various bugs and did some minor improvements.


Version 2.0 Build 8 - september 23, 2004
  • Fixed a bug introduced in build 6 regarding difficulties to bring up the popup menu on Win 95/98 computers. This should now work on all systems.


Version 2.0 Build 7 - september 12, 2004

Another bug fix release:

  • - Files with a "network path" sometimes where incorrectly shown in color red, as if the files where inaccessible.
    • fixed

  • Find duplicates error (Error: 3106: unsupported operator found in a record filter expression")
    • Occurred When a file (in the field used in the search) contained a combination of the characters "'" and "[" or "]". This was actually a bug in the database-engine, so we had to do a work-around.
    • fixed

  • Setting properties of a collection results in an error
    • fixed


For a complete revision history, see the copy of the change-log file.


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